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Dd Wrt Cron Jobs Not Working

Could it be the problem that the router hangs somehow for sometime bcs of CPU load? Also, it is running busybox (/bin/sh), which further messes up Optware scripts (S56dnsmasq, in my case). It will add clarity to your crontab file: /bin/sh -c 'echo "# minute (0-59)," >> /tmp/crontab' /bin/sh -c 'echo "# | hour (0-23)," >> /tmp/crontab' /bin/sh -c 'echo "# | | I suggest putting a sleep timer of 60s on it if you are running a slow-loading system like OTRW. check over here

permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]jendaco[S] 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago(0 children)I am trying to drop any request to the local IP address of the router for web configuration for 3 hours at night from Tell me here created by raphaelha community for 6 yearsmessage the moderatorsMODERATORSPi31415926about moderation team »discussions in /r/openwrt<>X1 points · 1 comment Have Centurylink GPON fiber at home, want to replace the C2100T with an ARcher C9. The URL given by Unlocator redirects to https://unlocator.com/tool/api.php?api_key=X, however it's possible to access this URL directly with HTTP. Today, speeds were not as good across all the France Servers, so I decided to try using Open VPN instead.

Enter the cron command into the textbox with the update interval of your choice.5. Done. Be sure your paths to files are correct so that you're not looking for them in the wrong places. [edit] External Links Articles containing 'CRON' on the DD-WRT Wiki Unix Man See JFFS.

The BusyBox wget that comes with DD-WRT doesn't seem to support https and I think the command was silently failing. Yes I found this article helpful No I did not find this article helpful What is Unlocator? You can restart crond with the following command: Older versions of DD-WRT: stopservice cron && startservice cron Newer versions of DD-WRT: stopservice crond && startservice crond Note: v24sp1 deletes the /tmp/cron.d What I expect you to find is that the value of $PATH when running from cron does not include the directories containing "mysql" and "nvram".

Whenever cron instructions are saved as files, they are called crontab files. Back to top ddwrt-philDD-WRT NoviceJoined: 13 Jan 2016Posts: 1 Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 19:33 Post subject: I've tried everything Here is my info: I'm trying to get my router However if your "web interface" (whatever that is) does not use crontab format please disregard this commment. http://dd-wrt.de/wiki/index.php/CRON Ignore the error and accept that root's crontab can't be used.

I added this directory to the PATH in the cron job, but the error persists. You can check the current date and time in the GUI by going to: Status/Router/Current Time You can also check the time in the shell interface by typing 'date'. case \$1 in \"start\" ) ntpclient pool.ntp.org killall openvpn echo \"Launching OpenVPN process\" sed -i 's/remote.*/remote '\$2' 1194 udp/g' /tmp/ibvpn/server.ovpn openvpn --daemon --config /tmp/ibvpn/server.ovpn sleep 10 if [ \$(route -n | Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Apply”.6.

Here is my startup code (at the end is the script to restart the router). Login to client area and go to auto update ip menu 2. About DD-WRT Wiki | Disclaimers | Powered by MediaWiki | Design by Paul Gu UnoTelly Customer Service Welcome Login Sign up Home Devices Plans Sign In Try for Free Help Center You should stop the service, make the /tmp/cron.d directory, put your cron script in that directory, then restart the cron service. [edit] Additional Information You can add this to your Startup

I think even DDWRT Micro has this built in with a need for cron. https://www.dd-wrt.c...y_Based_Routing #LAN #Policy based Routing If I can't get this to work i might settle for getting all wifi(wl0) devices routed through The First Oneis for the DD-WRT OpenVPN script on the tutorial page. Here is what I have in there, can anyone tell me why this is not working. 59 23 * * root /usr/sbin/iptables -I INPUT -m mac --mac-source F4:6D:04:D0:D1:52 -m state --state

If this doesn't help, then my best bet would be DD-WRT support forum, i'm afraid i don't have enough expertise in DD-WRT to give a specific suggestion. 2014-05-01T19:56:13+00:00 dr crs reporter Forum Operations by The UNIX and Linux Forums Setup Guides Pricing FAQ Support Support Center Enter a search term here. Learn how to clone a repository. So, after a few days, for example 5 days later, when the local time is18:08:00, my router's time becomes18:03:00.

Example: Optware's "pidof" (bash) resolves full process names ("pidof dnsmasq" will only return PID/true of dnsmasq). Regarding your 27 days connections , was it with our servers? Jerry Remove advertisements Sponsored Links JerryHone View Public Profile Find all posts by JerryHone #5 04-06-2011 giliet Registered User Join Date: Apr 2011 Last Activity: 6 April 2011,

The IP address will be updated using a cronjob by sending a HTTP request to our authentication server with your unique token.IP address can be updated at various intervals.

  1. I always stay connected.
  2. Change /opt/bin/bash to /bin/sh otherwise. #grep -q "^crontabs:" /tmp/etc/passwd || echo 'crontabs:*:0:0:Contab User,,,:/tmp/root:/opt/bin/bash' >> /tmp/etc/passwd chmod 600 /tmp/crontab chmod 750 /tmp/cron.d/ chmod 600 /tmp/cron.d/* sleep 1 #Might not be necessary...
  3. [email protected]:~# which uptime /usr/bin/uptime [email protected]:~# echo PATH=$PATH PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/jffs/sbin:/jffs/bin:/jffs/usr/sbin:/jffs/usr/bin:/mmc/sbin:/mmc/bin:/mmc/usr/sbin:/mmc/usr/bin:/opt/sbin:/opt/bin:/opt/usr/sbin:/opt/usr/bin [edit] CRON Service falling asleep in V24 The cron service is frequently falling asleep and cron jobs are not executed.
  4. Please see the examples of a couple of cronjob commands below.
  5. Related projects, such as DD-WRT, Tomato and OpenSAN, are also on-topic.
  6. To make sure Cron/Crond is enabled, go to: Administration/Management/Cron and make sure it is set to enable. [edit] Cron Job Instruction: Locations Cron job instructions can be stored in at least
  7. It appears that SSH starts remote command asynchronously when is started from cron.
  8. However the cron job doesn't ever seem to run (I tried changing the time and date fields to * * * * * to run every minute - still no luck).
  9. At worst, you have to wait 60 seconds.
  10. Then check your account status in your account home.

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science Yes No Can you please tell us how we can improve this article? in your cron job. Reward to whoever can suggest a fix: status as a diety Thanks so much in advance What I do know: > The script is executable > Cron is running and it

Back to top Report #8 wysiwyg wysiwyg Newbie Members 3 posts Posted 31 August 2016 - 11:20 PM I'm using a Netgear wndr3700 with DD-WRT to connect to the VPN service Back to top Report #4 LysanderM LysanderM Newbie Members 4 posts Posted 21 January 2015 - 04:16 PM Hi again, The second one is about the DD-WRT router time setting, Back to top tonynelsonDD-WRT NoviceJoined: 29 Sep 2012Posts: 2 Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 21:59 Post subject: (crontabs) ORPHAN (no passwd entry) -- don't add user! This url is unique and don't share with everyone. 3.

Back to top SpiritvortexDD-WRT NoviceJoined: 21 Nov 2012Posts: 1 Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 18:03 Post subject: Hello! These can be entered directly in the Web Interface of DD-WRT (GUI) or, for more advanced users, saved in files in certain locations (see below). This means that Cron may not find programs you're trying to use. You can read more about Cronjob at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron and http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/CRONHere are some examples:  Hourly*/60 * * * * root wget -qO - http://www.unotelly.com/unodns/auto_auth/hash_update/updateip.php?user_hash=your_token  Every 3 hours* /3 * * * root wget

Did you find it helpful? But on stop case, it only removes the line which has check_vpn word, which is sed -i 's/.*check_vpn.*//' /tmp/crontab This script only removes the words, but leaves the line empty. Optware's cron displayed the error, which wasn't showing with DD-WRT's cut down version: Quote: cron.info cron[25539]: (CRON) STARTUP (V5.0) cron.info cron[25539]: (*system*) BAD FILE MODE (/opt/etc/cron.d/S40relocate_syslog) cron.info cron[25539]: (*system*) BAD FILE I have an openvpn connection running well with the firewall and nat enabled, currently using the built in openvpn gui.

Register now! Now the IP will be updated in the interval you have selected. ​Important First step of troubleshooting should always be to restart device(s) and router. Dept. ------------------------------------------------ Privacy isNOTan option!