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$this- Session- Set_userdata Not Working


Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. Note This method is just an alias for PHP's native session_regenerate_id() function. I've actually tried that already, same result :/ Can you call $this->session->all_userdata() and print the array (maybe using error_log()) you get back - just before loading the view - to see When i use session_start(), i got all values inside session. http://zenlinux.org/not-working/codeigniter-session-not-working-on-server.html

Razican commented Jan 7, 2012 Yes, it happens whenever I try to log in. It is included in the framework download. This was due to the specifics of how sessions worked, but is now no longer necessary with our new implementation. flashdata([$key = NULL])¶ Parameters: $key (mixed) - Flashdata item key or NULL Returns:Value of the specified item key, or an array of all flashdata Return type:mixed Gets the value for a http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12027478/codeigniter-session-i-am-not-getting-my-userdata-in-other-controller

$this- Session- Set_userdata Not Working

Sessions are the right choice for this particular application’s problem but CodeIgniter’s internal Session handling library is giving me lots of trouble and it isn’t the first time either. Instantiation, sessions, shared variables and multithreading200What are sessions? Get your application in a state where you think it should work then put it on a server identical to your production environment.

In the end I found that if I used the database everything just worked. Note This is a legacy method kept only for backwards compatibility with older applications. Music notation software for ubuntu Lab colleague uses cracked software. Set_userdata Codeigniter So if you’re having trouble with CI’s session class, have no fear, I’ve put together a list of solutions to CI’s most common session problems.

However, if you want to be sure that you're reading "flashdata" (and not any other kind), you can also use the flashdata() method: $this->session->flashdata('item'); Or to get an array with Codeigniter Session Userdata Empty The User Guide contains an introduction, tutorial, a number of "how to" guides, and then reference documentation for the components that make up the framework. This is a popular choice among many users, because it allows the developer easy access to the session data within an application - it is just another table in your database. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30531988/this-session-unset-userdata-not-working You can link it as a third-party library in the Wiki if you wish to do that.

sess_cookie_delete_invalid - if set to TRUE will try to delete any received cookie that doesn't match our cookie name, before sending a new one. Note This method is DEPRECATED. It is just an alias for unset($_SESSION[$key]) - please use that instead. You'll find the following Session related preferences in your application/config/config.php file: Preference Default Options Description sess_driver files files/database/redis/memcached/custom The session storage driver to use.

Codeigniter Session Userdata Empty

Because it is likely that after trying to find the reason for your performance issues, you may conclude that locking is the issue and therefore look into how to remove the If I do not login How can I check if session is being regenerated? $this- Session- Set_userdata Not Working Flashdata¶ CodeIgniter supports "flashdata", or session data that will only be available for the next request, and is then automatically cleared. Codeigniter Set_userdata Not Working Sorry!

keep_flashdata($key)¶ Parameters: $key (mixed) - Flashdata key to keep, or an array of multiple keys Returns:TRUE on success, FALSE on failure Return type:bool Retains the specified session data key(s) as "flashdata" his comment is here It's not spam. Return type:array Gets a list of all $_SESSION that have been marked as "flashdata". Sessions in previous versions of CodeIgniter didn't implement locking, which meant that two HTTP requests using the same session could run exactly at the same time. Session Not Working Codeigniter

In other words, please make sure the domain match up to the url you are using to access CI. Why did they look stupid? In that case the $this will not contain the CI instance, see the section "Utilizing CodeIgniter Resources within Your Library" at codeigniter.com/user_guide/general/creating_libraries.html –danneth Nov 2 '11 at 10:48 sorry http://zenlinux.org/not-working/local-drive-redirection-not-working-in-rdp-session-2008.html The session will be reinitialised on the next request, and there will be no userdata available.

If you've used sessions in PHP before, you should be familiar with PHP's $_SESSION superglobal (if not, please read the content on that link). el-timm commented Jan 15, 2014 Sorry, I don't quite understand your question. Or if you want to be sure that you're reading "tempdata" (and not any other kind), you can also use the tempdata() method: $this->session->tempdata('item'); And of course, if you want

Reload to refresh your session.

As the sessions count and server loads increase - which is the time when it matters - the file system will consistently outperform almost all relational database setups. For example, to assign a previously stored ‘name' item to the $name variable, you will do this: $name = $_SESSION['name']; // or: $name = $this->session->name // or: $name = $this->session->userdata('name'); sign in or register Menu Features Learn Community Store Support Features Learn Community Store Support Home Forums Archive The Lounge Thread This is an archived forum and the content is probably sess_match_ip FALSE TRUE/FALSE (boolean) Whether to validate the user's IP address when reading the session cookie.

I see in your config file that you have set sess_match_ip to TRUE, when the default is FALSE. Note This method is just an alias for PHP's native session_destroy() function. __get($key)¶ Parameters: $key (string) - Session item key Returns:The requested session data item, or NULL if it doesn't exist make sure there is no errors with ci_session Muhit, yes everything works 100% except the sessions php - Codeigniter says session userdata blank, but exists in db - Stac... http://zenlinux.org/not-working/javascript-not-working-in-firefox-but-working-in-chrome.html Make sure that only you have access to see the contents of your chosen sess_save_path directory.

Additionaly, the ‘cookie_prefix' setting is completely ignored. And then of course, create the database table ... CodeIgniter 2.x is licensed under the EllisLab open source license. Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs.

it seems to work on all browsers (IE9 / FF8 / Chrome / Opera11.10) with direct IP and URLs (tested on Win7 / apache2.2.21 / php 5.3.8) But an empty domain Note In previous CodeIgniter versions, a different, "cookie driver" was the only option and we have received negative feedback on not providing that option. Closing it then. I founded a web design company, am the creator of Write.app and released MoonWeather for iOS & Android.

Have this in mind if that term is used elsewhere in the manual. Strange. –Tachi May 29 '15 at 14:41 Actually I was mistaken. So if the client already has one matching cookie and those parameters are changed - the new one doesn't replace the old one, but a new one is created. Note This is a legacy method kept only for backwards compatibility with older applications.

CodeIgniter 3.x is licensed under the MIT License. See if it works. A note about concurrency What is Session Data? Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 1,649 Star 13,332 Fork 6,555 bcit-ci/CodeIgniter Code Issues 46 Pull requests 34 Projects